We are a non for profit organization of Africans and the diaspora who want to  accelerate the growth of  the African Economy by utilizing commerce and collaborative  projects.
We are a black business resource community and a marketplace where black people are empowered to invest, create opportunities, offer support, and promote awareness of black enterprises.
Our purpose is to create a great African economy where black people make their decisions on their terms, ensuring the freedom and future of black youth.

Our funding and contributions are in form of talent, professional assistance and items needed for the movement to progress.



The Pan African Rising Movement (PANARMRISING) mission is to accelerate the growth of the African economy by utilizing commerce and collaborative projects with the African diaspora and Africa. PANARMRISING is a black business resource community and market place where black people are empowered to invest, create opportunities, offer support, and promote awareness of black enterprises..

Deprogramming our Mindset

The media has given us the impression that Africans have nothing to offer but  this is rather the opposite.
 Africans constructed the blueprint and contributed to the continuous advancement of civilization.
 Our goal is to educate ourselves about our legacy and achievements while we empower ourselves to continue our legacy.


We are to enforce policies and practices that will terminate cheap selling of our natural resources and instead lobby on policies to build infrastructure and attract industries that will process the raw materials in Africa. This will create jobs and incentives for entrepreneurship for our well talented and educated youth to work and create businesses at home in Africa.
if we unite as one, insisting on adding value to our raw materials by processing it on the continent, we will have a vibrant youth labor force that will propel Africa into a strong economic power that rivals the Asians and Western economies.


Joining hands in partnership with the DIASPORA to RECONNECT and INVEST in Africa. It is PANARMRISING’s strong belief that a mutual benefit can be achieved when we Africans work together with our black brothers and sisters in the diaspora in developing the African ECONOMY.
Already the process has began where the diaspora’s interest in investing in Africa is growing. PANARMRISING will play an active part in bringing in the diaspora to invest. We shall welcome the diaspora, assist in their accommodation, tours, and settlement in Africa. We will also assist in facilitating their investment endeavors in Africa.

Unification of Africa

Our duty is to educate all Africans on the importance of One Africa without boundaries, and  to end the Divide and Rule Policy of the West. The youth has a big part to play in this process because they are the future leaders. Our aim is to  reach schools, colleges and universities. Furthermore, our fathers and mothers in towns and villages are to be educated in uniting Africa. 
• To advocate for the African constitution that enforces and ensures equality among black people and the freedom and safety for all black citizens.
• To encourage the diaspora’s reclamation of their birthright and reconnection to their heritage.
• To advocate for a united African military to protect our African interest.
• To build in Africa, factories, and industries for manufacturing using African raw materials.
• To modernize the agriculture sector, and promote mechanize farming
• To implement state of the art technology and updated educational resources.
• To create an international student exchange for the diaspora to get connected to Africa. ( for example, establish partnerships with HBCU in the USA)
• To increase the number of patriotic doctors and nurses committed to serve the citizens of Africa.
• To build a state of the art infrastructure for health, education, transportation.
.To promote building and manufacturing in Africa.
.To organize the commercial, financial and industrial sectors.
• To promote made in Africa products for export worldwide, and create a Made-in-Africa brand.
• To build a B2B online market place to promote African products and businesses.
• To reconnect the diaspora to Africa and advocate for dual citizenship.
• To form a partnership between Africans and the diaspora to create businesses and job opportunities in Africa.
• To support the diaspora who are financially unstable but are willing and interested in living in Africa.
• To reprogram the African mindset
• To unify Africa through free trade within Africa countries.